WAVE 110

Ventilated pellet insert. Standard features: thermostatic remote control, self-cleaning brazier and Wi-Fi remote control.

Rated power 10.1 kW
Pellet consumption 0.7-2.4 kg/h
Autonomy (min-max) 8-28 h
Reservoir capacity 20 kg
Flue gas outlet 80 mm
Unit weight 170 kg
Noir Noir
Bronze Bronze

Klover Wave 110: The built-in pellet insert for modern elegance

If you're looking for the authenticity of a log fire without the hassle of traditional wood, then the Klover Wave 110 pellet insert is the ideal solution. This modern fireplace runs on wood pellets, giving you all the pleasure of a wood fire without the hassle of handling logs. You can enjoy the warmth and ambience of the fire in complete safety and simplicity. Designed for built-in integration, it guarantees exceptional heating quality, the charm of a fire and a minimum of inconvenience.

Elegance at its best

The Klover Wave 110 pellet insert stands out for its versatility. It is equipped with two air motors, enabling you to heat two rooms several meters apart simultaneously or separately. This system offers intelligent brazier control, is waterproof and features an automatic cleaning system, ensuring worry-free use. What's more, electronic scheduling lets you manage ignition cycles according to your preferences.

Choose your style

You can personalize the look of your Wave 110 pellet insert with a painted steel front (in matte black or bronze). Whichever you choose, it will fit perfectly into any ambience. Enjoy modern comfort with the Klover Wave 110 Pellet Insert and savor the cozy warmth of the fireplace without the inconvenience of traditional wood.