Pellet insert with ducted ventilation. Standard features: thermostatic remote control, self-cleaning brazier and Wi-Fi remote control.

Rated power 10.1 kW
Pellet consumption 0.7-2.4 kg/h
Autonomy (min-max) 8-28 h
Reservoir capacity 20 kg
Flue gas outlet 80 mm
Unit weight 170 kg
Wenge Wenge
Rovere Rovere
Blanc Blanc

Klover Wave 110 WOOD Multi-Air: The solid wood insert for elegant warmth

Looking for a practical, aesthetic and innovative heating solution? Discover the Klover Wave 110 WOOD Multi-Air pellet insert. Thanks to its minimal footprint, this ingenious insert provides comfortable warmth without taking up space. The Wave 110 WOOD Multi-Air is distinguished by its solid wood front, available in elegant finishes such as Wengue, Rovere or White, adding a touch of charm to your interior.

The versatile warmth of Wave 110 WOOD Multi-Air

The Wave 110 Multi-Air is much more than just a pellet insert. It is equipped with two air motors, which means it can be ducted, enabling two separate rooms to be heated simultaneously. It's energy-efficient and designed for optimum heating comfort. Thanks to Klover's innovations, this heating system combines practicality and performance in a remarkable way.

Innovation and ease of maintenance

At Klover, safety and innovation are at the heart of every appliance. The Wave 110 WOOD Multi-Air is equipped with a patented automatic cleaning system, which ensures that the brazier and glass stay clean. What's more, its ultra-fast ignition system means you can quickly enjoy the cozy warmth it generates. Combining aesthetics, ease of use and technological innovation, the Klover Wave 110 Multi-Air pellet insert is a bold choice for exceptional, elegant thermal comfort.