System GAS

Green Automatic Safety is an innovative system that ensures ideal combustion. By rotating the brazier, it cleans itself automatically in a matter of seconds, removing residues uniformly from the ash pan. Cleaning takes place each time the fire is switched on and off, reducing cleaning frequency. Automatic calibration ensures safe, reliable operation, even in the event of a power cut.


Wi-Fi application

Klover stoves get smart with Klover Home, an app that lets you control your stove anytime, anywhere via Wi-Fi. The app brings together essential functions (on/off, temperature, power, etc.), in a simple, easy-to-use interface.


Soft technology

SOFT technology is based on sinusoidal heat exchangers. Unlike conventional heat exchangers, air flows through curved surfaces, prolonging heat retention for greater efficiency without wasting energy. Many models in the Klover range are equipped with a continuous BRUSHLESS motor: this 24V component, with continuous, slow rotation, ensures quiet operation.

Sicuro Top

Created in the Klover workshops to improve the safety of hydraulic stoves and stoves, this innovative system uses the bain-marie principle. It enables the stove to be installed on your home's network, using a closed expansion vessel. This system incorporates an open expansion vessel with zero pressure, eliminating any risk of pressure build-up in the event of water boiling. Pressure inside the boiler is maintained at zero. An overflow pipe ensures safety by evacuating excess water in the event of boiling, while water top-up is automatic or manual, depending on the model.


Thermostatic remote control

For Air appliances, the Klover touchscreen thermostatic remote control gives you total control of your appliance with just a few simple gestures. With fluid functions and simplified programming, setting your stove has never been easier.


Fiberglass cable

The cables of our stoves are wrapped in a fiberglass braid. This design guarantees a reliable connection over time, with high resistance to wear, cuts and heat, even in direct contact with hot surfaces.


Display Touch

For the hydro range, our touch-screen systems give you total control of your appliance, with just a few simple gestures. The fluidity of the menus and interface makes stove programming easier than ever.


Component quality

All components exposed to constant humidity are fully protected by chromium plating (applied by bath) to guarantee their durability and efficiency over time. In addition, the entire loading system is also treated with permanent chromium plating to prevent deterioration and wear caused by moisture in the fuel.