Hydraulic pellet stove with ventilation. Standard: self-cleaning brazier.

Rated power 27.1 kW
Pellet consumption 1.9-5.8 kg/h
Autonomy (min-max) 5-13 h
Reservoir capacity 26 kg
Flue gas outlet 100 mm
Unit weight 240 kg
Ivoire Ivoire
Bordeaux Bordeaux
Nero Lucido Nero Luc
Moka Moka

Klover Style 220 Duo: The alliance of boldness and safety

Discover the Klover Style 220 Duo pellet stove, a masterpiece of bold technology combined with unshakeable safety. This elegant feat of design delivers outstanding performance. Both elegant and modern, the Style 220 Duo pellet stove is capable of heating large spaces, as well as producing domestic hot water for your home. Like all Klover products, this pellet stove has been designed with safety in mind. The cast-iron door is fitted with double-thickness ceramic glass, guaranteeing a cool wall even during full combustion.

Pellet stoves and patented technologies

Klover's R&D department regularly registers patents for its pellet stoves. These ecological and energy-saving innovations optimize pellet consumption and increase the heating capacity of these appliances, while offering unrivalled peace of mind. Enjoy the boldness and safety of the Klover Style 220 Duo, the perfect heating solution for a cleaner, more comfortable future.