Hydraulic pellet stove with ventilation. Standard: self-cleaning brazier.

Rated power 21.9 kW
Pellet consumption 1.2-4.5 kg/h
Autonomy (min-max) 6-20 h
Reservoir capacity 25 kg
Flue gas outlet 100 mm
Unit weight 240 kg
Ivoire Ivoire
Bordeaux Bordeaux
Nero Lucido Nero Luc
Moka Moka

Klover Style 180 Plus: Efficiency and elegance in a pellet stove

Discover the Klover Style 180 Plus pellet stove, a work of art combining elegance and efficiency. Its cylindrical, massive and elegant design makes it an emblematic design model. Its cast-iron front creates a harmonious contrast with the curved ceramic double-glazed door, offering an unobstructed view of the fire in all its splendor. Ceramic side panels (available in burgundy, mocha, ivory or matte black) add a retro touch to the whole, creating a perfectly balanced aesthetic. Whether you place it in a corner or let it take pride of place against a wall, the Style 180 Plus pellet stove will spread gentle, even heat across large spaces.

Style 180 Plus: A+-rated pellet stove for optimum comfort

Rated in energy category A+, the Style 180 Plus pellet stove offers exceptional ease of use, thanks to a number of Klover-patented innovations. With its sealed firebox, self-cleaning burner and glass, and large combustion chamber, it combines performance and practicality. Programmable for on/off times, this pellet stove is also remotely controllable thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi. Enjoy the ultimate in efficiency and elegance with the Klover Style 180 Plus, your ultimate heating solution.