Hydraulic pellet stove with ventilation. Standard: self-cleaning brazier.

Rated power 17 kW
Pellet consumption 1.2-3.5 kg/h
Autonomy (min-max) 6-18 h
Reservoir capacity 22 kg
Flue gas outlet 80 mm
Unit weight 170 kg
Noir Noir
Bronze Bronze
Ivoire Ivoire

Klover Style 140: Elegance for your comfort

Discover the Klover Style 140 pellet stove, a jewel of elegance designed to enhance your interior. Its curved ceramic double-glazed door, integrated into a cast-iron structure (front and top), is available in three sumptuous finishes: Black, Ivory and Bronze. The smooth, perfect lines of this pellet stove blend harmoniously into any decor, whether you want to place it in a corner or let it stand proudly against a wall. It will envelop your space with soft, even warmth covering a large volume.

Klover Style 140: top-level performance

The Klover Style 140 pellet stove is synonymous with economy and exceptional performance. Available in three different power ratings - 17 kW, 21.9 kW or 27.1 kW - it can supply a central heating system for unrivalled comfort. Thanks to cutting-edge technological innovations developed by Klover, this pellet stove is programmable and autonomous, giving you total control over your heating environment. It is also equipped with a self-cleaning brazier system. As an option, control it remotely via WiFi for convenient heating system management wherever you are. Enjoy the best in warmth, style and efficiency with the Klover Style 140.