Rated power 13.5 kW
Flue gas outlet 130 mm
Unit weight 245 kg
Log size 40 cm
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Klover Star 90 wood-fired stove: Italian elegance in your kitchen

In the culinary world, the harmony between tradition and innovation comes to life in the brand-new Star 90 wood-fired stove from the prestigious Italian brand Klover. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this wood-fired stove has been created to delight cooking enthusiasts and lovers of the warm atmosphere offered by a wood fire.

High-quality enamelled cast-iron cooktop

At the heart of this culinary appliance is an enamelled cast-iron cooktop, offering not only exceptional durability, but also a cooking surface of perfect uniformity. Cook with confidence, knowing your food will be prepared to perfection.

A patented reversible grill function

One of the distinguishing features of the Star 90 wood-fired stove is its patented reversible grill function in food-safe enamelled cast iron. It lets you concoct succulent grills right in your kitchen, adding a gourmet touch to your meals.

An XXL stainless steel oven

The stainless steel XXL oven offers generous space for cooking your favorite dishes. Equipped with different levels, it allows you to prepare several dishes simultaneously, ideal for family meals or dinners with friends.

Cast-iron combustion chamber

The cast-iron combustion chamber is designed to accommodate 40 cm logs, guaranteeing efficient combustion and optimal heating of your kitchen.

Practical storage space

The Star 90 Wood Stove also features a spacious storage drawer, ideal for storing kitchen utensils, accessories or even extra firewood.

Elegance and safety

The high-temperature ceramic glass door offers a magnificent view of the flames in the combustion chamber, while maintaining safety thanks to a cool, ergonomic door handle. What's more, it features a large ashtray for easy maintenance. In short, Klover's Star 90 wood-fired stove perfectly embodies the union of Italian tradition and innovation. It brings a touch of elegance to your kitchen while allowing you to prepare delicious dishes and enjoy the comforting warmth of a wood fire. This stove is much more than just a kitchen appliance, it's a centerpiece that will transform your culinary experience into a true pleasure. Discover the perfect union of style and functionality with Klover's Star 90 Wood Stove.