Rated power 22.6 kW
Pellet consumption 1.5-5.3 kg/h
Autonomy (min-max) 6-21 h
Reservoir capacity 32 kg
Flue gas outlet 100 mm
Unit weight 290 kg
Noir Noir
Creme Creme
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Klover's Smart 120 BT hydro pellet stove

Available in three elegant colors (black, cream and red), the Smart 120 BT hydro pellet range evokes the timeless charm of our grandmothers' kitchens. While retaining a traditional shape, its lines are resolutely contemporary, and its sleek design exudes modernity. This fusion of a traditional oven and hob offers a unique experience thanks to its two front windows, allowing you to enjoy the dance of the flames on one side while keeping a watchful eye on the cooking of your leg of lamb or cake on the other.

Smart 120 BT: an A+-rated two-in-one appliance

In addition to its original charm, the Smart 120 BT hydro pellet stove offers all the performance of a modern, high-quality heating appliance. Rated in energy category A+, the Smart 120 BT boasts an impressive rated output of 22.6 kW, ideal for heating large spaces. Its spacious pellet tank, with a capacity of 32 kg, is conveniently located at the top, close to the cooking zone. Easily programmable and adjustable, the Smart 120 BT combines the nostalgic charm of a vintage appliance with the latest technological advances for an unrivalled experience.