Rated power 10.1 kW
Flue gas outlet 130 mm
Unit weight 245 kg
Log size 50 cm
Pierre Ollaire Pierre O
Gres noir Gres noi

Klover KUOKI: Perfect harmony of elegance and efficiency with built-in oven

Immerse yourself in the warm, sophisticated experience of the Klover KUOKI soapstone wood-burning stove. This exceptional creation combines the rustic elegance of wood-burning with the Italian quality of the renowned Klover brand. Explore the remarkable features of the KUOKI, specially designed to heat large spaces efficiently.

Comfortable, long-lasting heat with built-in oven

At the heart of the Klover KUOKI lies a spacious firebox ready to accommodate 50-centimeter logs, guaranteeing comfortable heat for long hours. Imagine yourself standing next to this stove, enjoying its gentle warmth while taking advantage of the built-in oven. This unique feature adds a practical dimension, allowing you to cook or reheat dishes while enjoying the surrounding warmth. The result is a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your living space, offering an unparalleled experience.