Rated power 27.5 kW
Pellet consumption 1.8-6.1 kg/h
Autonomy (min-max) 13-41 h
Reservoir capacity 75 kg
Flue gas outlet 100 mm
Unit weight 380 kg

Klover ECOMPACT 290 pellet boiler: Your versatile solution for all your heating needs

Discover the Klover ECOMPACT 290 pellet boiler, a versatile solution that integrates perfectly with all heating systems, whether you're renovating your home or building a new property. This innovative boiler can be easily controlled using a sensor on your water tank, ensuring efficient, energy-saving heating.

All-in-one and ready to use

All essential hydraulic components are integrated into the unit as standard, enabling you to control a twin boiler or other elements of an existing heating system, such as a 3-way valve or a domestic hot water flow sensor. This simplifies installation and maintenance, providing a turnkey solution for your comfort.

Robust design and simplified maintenance

The Klover ECOMPACT 290 boiler is made of stainless steel for enhanced durability. The hermetically sealed firebox and top-mounted hydraulic connections facilitate servicing and maintenance. What's more, this boiler features a self-cleaning function to minimize maintenance requirements.

Alerts and remote control

A pellet level sensor alerts you when loading is required, or it can activate a feed system from a pellet silo. What's more, as an option, this boiler can be remotely controlled via WiFi, allowing you to manage your heating system wherever you are. For easy day-to-day control, a touch-sensitive control panel is located on the front of the unit. Choose the Klover ECOMPACT 290 pellet boiler, which combines versatility, efficiency and ease of use to meet all your heating needs. Make your comfort a priority with this modern, practical solution from Italian brand Klover.