Ventilated pellet stove. Standard features: thermostatic remote control, self-cleaning brazier and Wi-Fi remote control.

Rated power 8.9 kW
Pellet consumption 0.8-2 kg/h
Autonomy (min-max) 7-17 h
Reservoir capacity 14 kg
Flue gas outlet 80 mm
Unit weight 185 kg
Wenge Wenge
Rovere Rovere
Blanc Blanc

Klover Diva Air Wood: Style, performance and comfort

The Diva Air Wood pellet stove revolutionizes the world of heating with its incredibly compact depth of just 30 cm. But make no mistake, its solid wood and glass design is just as revolutionary. With a choice of three elegant finishes - Wenge, Rovere and white - the Diva Air Wood will suit any style, whether classic or contemporary. Thanks to its minimal footprint, Klover Diva Air Wood can be easily integrated against any wall, without disrupting the design of your rooms or your daily traffic. What sets the Diva Air Wood apart even more is its rare combination of wooden design and advanced functionality. It's equipped with a weekly programmer, self-cleaning system, Wi-Fi controls, and even a Multi-air option to channel heat to another room in your home. Discover the perfect marriage of elegance, state-of-the-art performance and absolute comfort with the Klover Diva Air Wood.