DIVA 3000

Hydraulic pellet stove with ventilation.

Rated power 30 kW
Reservoir capacity 45 kg
Flue gas outlet 100 mm
Unit weight 345 kg
Pierre Ollaire Pierre O
Pierre blanche Pierre b

Klover Diva 3000: Exceptional elegance, including hydraulic heating

Explore the Diva 3000, a true masterpiece among pellet stoves, offering an aesthetic that is the stuff of art. This unique appliance presents itself as a canvas where soapstone or white stone merge harmoniously with glass, accentuated by rounded corners. Despite its remarkable slimness, the Diva 3000 delivers formidable performance. Rated in energy category A++, it stands out for its exceptional energy efficiency. The patented Klover system further optimizes fire management, and the choice of rear or top flue outlet adds to the aesthetics of the appliance without compromising its exceptional performance.

Integrated hydraulic heating for domestic hot water

The Klover Diva 3000 pellet stove transcends the simple heating function. It also incorporates a hydraulic heating system for your home's domestic hot water. Equipped with a weekly programmer and Wi-Fi connection option, it offers total control over heating and hot water. Personalize your comfort, reduce your energy costs and enjoy an abundance of hot water with ease. Immerse yourself in the Diva 3000 experience, where efficiency, beauty and versatility combine to create an exceptional heating system.