Rated power 5.6 kW
Pellet consumption 0.8-1.3 kg/h
Autonomy (min-max) 11-17 h
Reservoir capacity 14 kg
Flue gas outlet 80 mm
Unit weight 67 kg
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Ivoire Ivoire
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Klover DEA Eco 6: Simplicity for efficiency

Immerse yourself in simplicity and efficiency with the DEA Eco 6 pellet stove from KLOVER's Italian workshops. With its clean lines and contemporary design, the DEA Eco 6 gets straight to the point. Its ultra-compact dimensions make it the ideal choice for even the smallest of spaces. With a tonic color palette including black, red and ivory, this small stove can harmoniously warm large volumes. Equipped with a three-button touchscreen and cast-iron brazier, the DEA Eco 6 combines ease of use with exceptional performance.

Klover DEA Eco 6: Small, compact, minimalist and fully programmable

Compact and minimalist, the DEA Eco 6 pellet stove is the epitome of modernity. It features a weekly programmer with integrated chrono-thermostat, allowing you to customize daily switch-ons and switch-offs, optimizing its operation throughout the day. Simplify your life with Klover DEA Eco 6, a stove that perfectly combines simplicity, compactness, minimalism and complete programmability.