Ventilated pellet stove. Standard features: thermostatic remote control, self-cleaning brazier and Wi-Fi remote control.

Rated power 8.9 kW
Pellet consumption 0.8-2 kg/h
Autonomy (min-max) 7-17 h
Reservoir capacity 14 kg
Flue gas outlet 80 mm
Unit weight 170 kg
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The Klover Astra 90 Glass Pellet Stove: Performance and Elegance in Glass

Immerse yourself in the contemporary refinement of Klover's Astra 90 Glass pellet stove. This Italian jewel elegantly blends unparalleled thermal performance with sleek, modern aesthetics. Featuring a glass cladding, the Astra 90 Glass pellet stove merges with your d├ęcor to offer a touch of sophistication. Its compact features, with a depth of just 28 centimeters, allow you to integrate it harmoniously into all types of interiors, without sacrificing space. Its design can be adapted to suit your needs, with a flexible hose outlet on the top, right or rear. Thanks to its advanced technology, the Multi-Air version of the Astra 90 Glass stove can even distribute heat to different rooms via an independent hot air outlet. The Klover Astra 90 Glass's nour or white glass cladding offers an exceptional view of the flames, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your space. Equipped with remote controls, this model offers an optimal user experience. Add to this an advanced self-cleaning brazier system, offering convenient maintenance for unparalleled comfort. For those looking for high-performance, aesthetically pleasing heating, the Klover Astra 90 Glass pellet stove is the ideal choice, bringing modern aesthetics and exceptional thermal performance to your home.